Samsung Galaxy Tab SPH P100 Manual User Guide PDF

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab brings you the media you would like and keeps you connected with anyone, anytime. Compact and lightweight, you’ll be able to confine bit with folks and content through 3G property, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n or Bluetooth Wireless Technology three.0. With battery lifetime of up to thirteen hours and a crisp TFT-LCD show.

Samsung Galaxy Tab SPH P100 Manual User Guide PDF

If you marvel the way to use the Camera to make recording or to make pic Shot, you’ll be able to learn from the Section 2G underneath “Your Device” on “Camera” content at pages 110 to 119. Learning the way to use Sprint wireless local area network or Sprint HotSpot, you’ll be able to learn from User Guide PDF at pages 143 to 146. Another tutorial and step by step instruction on the market within the User Manual / Guide together with Pairing the bluetooth, exploitation Task Manager, grouping the Phone with sim, battery and memory card facilitate, Sprint Applications, exploitation Google Maps, GPS Service and Navigation, and plenty of additional. Ok Now You can download and read online for Samsung Galaxy Tab SPH P100 Manual User Guide PDF this page. 

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Table of Contents of Samsung Galaxy Tab SPH P100 User Guide Sprint

  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Your Device’s Menu
  • Getting Started
  • Your Device;
  • Device Basics
  • Settings
  • Contacts
  • Calendar and Tools
  • Voice Services
  • MicroSD Card Camera
  • Bluetooth,
  • Sprint Service;
  • Sprint Service: The Basics
  • Web and Data Services
  • Entertainment: Music and Videos
  • GPS Navigation,
  • Safety and Warranty Information;
  • Important Safety Information
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty,
  • Index

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